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Stewardship Planning Weekend

Stewardship Planning Weekend


The purpose of the Stewardship Planning Weekend is to provide basic stewardship counsel to Christians to facilitate effective and Christ-honoring long and short-term giving to ministry-helping Christians accomplish to the fullest extent possible the ministry gifting God lays upon their hearts.  Attorney Matt Davis leads a workshop on Christian estate planning on Saturday morning followed by free personal consultations with church members regarding their individual needs.  The weekend concludes Sunday morning with preaching and teaching on Biblical stewardship.


Pre-meeting Promotion:

EtEstate Planningernal Vision helps the local ministry promote the Planning Weekend by providing promotional materials including:

  • Email blast from Pastor to all members/regular attendees promoting event
  • Announcement in all adult SS classes 3 weeks and 2 weeks from event
  • Pulpit announcement 1 week from event
  • Bulletin inserts 2 weeks and 1 week from event
  • Appointment list maintained in church office
  • Confirmation letter/call from EV to those making appointments (Friday before)


Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Psalm One Counsel: Is Your Estate Plan Biblical?

In this fast-paced and entertaining workshop, Attorney Davis will explain in plain English the legal issues involved in planning your estate from a Biblical perspective. Attorney Davis will answer all attendees' stewardship planning questions and address the following topics in this free seminar:

  • Biblical Estate Planning: What the Bible has to say about your "final act of stewardship."
  • What Your Secular Attorney Will Never Tell You About Estate Planning: Insights on how secular legal advice could prevent you from laying up treasure in heaven!
  • You Can Give More than You Think: How to leverage a small amount of money into a large gift with a major impact on the Lord's work.
  • Keep it Simple, Do it Right: Supporting several different ministries during your lifetime and through your estate plan does not have to be complicated!
  • Already Have a Will? Ways to give to the Lord's work without changing your existing estate documents.
  • Are Your Existing Estate Documents Obsolete? Even if you have existing estate documents like a Will or Power of Attorney, new federal requirements may require you to update your plan to accomplish what you truly intended.
  • The Responsibility of the Faithful Steward to Give RIGHTLY: Every Christian's responsibility to wisely transfer God's resources into the hands of another faithful steward.
  • First-hand Lessons From the Terri Schiavo Case: What Christians can do to prevent the tragedy of Terri's court-ordered death from happening to their families.

Saturday: Noon to 5:00 p.m.

Attorney Davis will meet with individuals by appointment for Biblical stewardship planning and private counsel. Contact the host ministry office to schedule an appointment.

Sunday: Adult Sunday School and/or Sunday AM Worship Service

Stop Thief! What the law of embezzlement can teach us about Biblical stewardship

Practical Christianity


Attorney Matthew J. Davis, Eternal Vision's Vice President & Corporate Counsel

Attorney Davis spent 8 years litigating religious liberty cases and advising thousands of Christian individuals and ministry leaders on legal issues in Christian education, ministry employment, risk management and religious liberty as a staff attorney for the Christian Law Association with whom he still serves of counsel. In one of his most famous cases, Attorney Davis worked alongside Attorney David Gibbs III in his fight to save the life of Terri Schiavo from her court-ordered death by starvation and dehydration. Attorney Davis now lives in Watertown, Wisconsin where he serves as President & Corporate Counsel for Eternal Vision, and as Executive Vice President of Maranatha Baptist University. Mr. Davis grew up in Danville, Illinois where his dad pastored for nearly 20 years. After graduating from Maranatha with a degree in Business Management, Matt went to law school at Southern Illinois University School of Law and is now admitted to practice law in Illinois, Florida, and Wisconsin.