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Personal Stewardship Review Process

Personal Stewardship Review Process

documentsThe Eternal Vision personal stewardship review and planning process is designed to be thorough, and yet simple for each client to understand. Our desire is to help Christian people who are responding to the Lord's leadership in the area of Biblical stewardship to accomplish the goals God has led them to establish.

Every Christian is different, and we understand that God burdens each of us in different ways to accomplish His overall mission. Trained EV advisors meet with clients to determine their personal goals and to provide one-on-one discipleship as they seek God's will in the area of personal stewardship.


Step One: Information Gathering

Each person's needs are different, and the Eternal Vision process of one-on-one stewardship counseling and discipleship takes into account the unique position, needs and challenges of each client. In order to assess each participant's current status and their particular desires for ministry giving, EV representatives collect and confidentially review specific aspects of the overall life and family of each client. Our process depends on each client providing us with current, accurate data. Each client is asked to complete a Bible Based Stewardship Planning Information Form. The form inquires about each aspect of the client's overal financial picture and helps the client begin the process of creating concrete goals for ministry giving and personal stewardship.

Step Two: Analysis

Once we receive a completed Planning Information Form, Eternal Vision analyzes the information from Biblical stewardship, legal, and financial planning perspectives.

Step Three: Plan Design

A Lifetime Stewardship Strategic Plan is designed personally for each client to meet each client's goals in the order of priority that will:

1. Meet the client's lifetime financial needs (health care, family support, current ministry giving , etc.)

2. Help each client accomplish the client's defined inheritance goals.

3. Maximize each client's eternal treasure building by:

  • Increasing the client's current cash flow resulting in more available money for current ministry giving,
  • Reducing or eliminating tax liabilities, and
  • Facilitating current and estate giving toward ministries identified by the client.

Step Four: Presentation

An Eternal Vision representative makes a formal presentation to the client of the Lifetime Stewardship Strategic Plan options that will best meet the client's stated objectives. Once the client reviews the plan, additional opportunities for further church and ministry gifting often become apparent. Upon approval by the client, Eternal Vision advisors begin the process of implementing the plan.

Step Five: Implementation

Eternal Vision advisors work with the client's existing team of professionals (lawyers, accountants, etc.) to implement the Lifetime Stewardship Strategic Plan that the client has developed.

The EV personal review process is a confidential planning process, and EV professionals do not share client information with anyone the client does not authorize them to speak with, except as required by law.

We have repeatedly seen God work in the hearts of individual Christians to challenge them to do more for the Kingdom of God as they conduct a thorough examination of all that God has entrusted to their stewardship care.

To initiate the EV Personal Review Process, contact our office to set up an appointment.