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Treasure Builders

Treasure Builders

Treasure BuildersTreasure BuildersTM is a professionally produced pastoral tool to extend Eternal Vision's teaching ministry in the area of Biblical financial stewardship. The content is fundamental in doctrine, dispensational in hermeneutic and supportive of your local church ministry. You can creatively integrate the Treasure Builders material into your adult teaching program, discipleship classes, newcomer packets or community outreach events. Each lesson provides Biblical insight, builds conviction, and challenges believers in the areas of personal and corporate stewardship responsibility. Expect measurable results from your Treasure Builders participation with increased offerings, a greater sensitivity toward stewardship responsibilities and healthy questions about practicing Biblical stewardship.

  • Is your church in need of continuous exposure to God's principles of Biblical financial management?
  • Do you need a trustworthy tool to encourage your ministry in stewardship growth?
  • Can you envision the value of this investment in the families of your ministry?

We believe the Treasure Builders publication will enhance your ministry's teaching in the area of Biblical stewardship.